Welcome to a New Adventure

It had taken me years to build up the courage to create a series like this: out of the need to create a platform for ‘easy’ access. My main priority is to create article and informative pieces both in written and video formats concerning crime issues within New Zealand. Right now, this series will center around both Unsolved Murders and Missing Persons.

I am in the midst of creating my first piece around a mystery from the 1990’s that is sure to bring back memories for some people. Being who I am, I want to do this justice, so I am going over what I have to come to a sound conclusion before uploading any data. It will be a couple of weeks before this happens, as collecting information can be tedious. I want to reiterate right now that while I would love to be able to say everything with certainty, it won’t be precise as I would like my information to be. As most of these cases are considered to be ‘open’ by police (I.E – still ongoing) – these cases remain closed to the public to preserve any evidence police have. The information that I collect will be completely available and accessible to the public. My job is to create a user friendly platform and provide descriptive information to the public: as the best mysteries are those constantly in the public eye!

I hope to do that. I’ll see you in the next post which hopefully will be our first revision of a case. 🙂

– Madeline


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